At Ash Blæds, our mission is to design and build beautiful handcrafted knives for the kitchen and for the field. With a focus on community and sustainability, our goal is to connect our neighbors to tools that last.



Knives have long been a source of fascination for Aric.  Whether watching his parents cook, starting fires during backcountry camping and fishing trips with family, or viewing 12,000 year old bits of flint in a museum, he realized from an early age how valuable a good knife could be.  As one of our earliest and oldest manufactured tools, there is something almost instinctive about holding a knife where one can sense it's inherent function and usefulness.  In museums, libraries and book stores, if he wasn't learning about natural sciences, he was pursuing knowledge about arms, armor and tools of cultures and peoples that came before us.

As an adult at university studying biological sciences, he picked up two sets of skills that relied heavily on knives: cooking and martial arts.  While he searched for just the right knife to carry or use in the kitchen, Aric started teaching himself how to sharpen knives with whetstones. Over time, the search for a sharp edge on a good knife lead to thoughts of making knives.  Though he holds a bachelors degree in Biology, his first intellectual love, knife making has become an avenue for creation and expression, with the ultimate goal of making beautiful, functional tools that can be passed on for generations.